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MEF Stuart Hall Collection

MEF Stuart Hall Collection
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4 videos in this collection

Stuart Hall - The Origins of Cultural Studies
In this classic 1989 lecture, world-renowned cultural theorist Stuart Hall traces the social, intellectual, and institutional environment from which cultural studies emerged. An invaluable introduction to the issues that inspired…
Stuart Hall: Race - the Floating Signifier
Arguing against the biological interpretation of racial difference, Hall asks us to pay close attention to the cultural processes by which the visible differences of appearance come to stand for…
Stuart Hall: Representation & the Media
Cultural theorist Stuart Hall offers an extended meditation on representation. Moving beyond the accuracy or inaccuracy of specific representations, Hall argues that the process of representation itself constitutes the very…
Personally Speaking - Stuart Hall's Work in Cultural Studies
Stuart Hall is a foundational figure in the influential interdisciplinary field known as cultural studies. In this stimulating and eloquent four-hour interview, conducted by the literary journalist Maya Jaggi and…

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I met Mr. Hall when he received a lifetime achievement award in London. His work and that of bell hooks are the basis of my theoretical framework and I consider both of them as a part of my academic heritage. I corresponded with him long after I came back to the states on the floating ...Read more