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Edward Said On Orientalism
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Edward Said On Orientalism
"The Orient" Represented in Mass Media

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Great introduction to orientalism. Found it very interesting how the western society have used it as a tool to highlight its own. If the oriental is dark, old and reactive, we're light, new and progressive and so on.

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Toward the end of this video Said queries: "How do we accept difference without violence?" This is a fundamental question for humanity and certainly for any political movement with altruistic goals. Unfortunately, in the centuries that humans have roamed this earth there have been few lasting ...Read more

Anonymous picture

The one thing that really resonates with me is the fact that when they Oklahoma bombing happened, not only did they start a manhunt on Middle Easterns, but they chose to ask Edward Said his insight and see if he would know anything. That's one of the biggest problems of racism, besides all ...Read more

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Orientalism touches on a lot of aspects of the static perpetuation of stereotypes from people of the middle east throughout history and the media. Said touches on the fact that Imperialist Orientalism started out when Napoleon invaded Egypt and brought with him scientists and other academics ...Read more