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"I had ambition not only to go farther than any man had been before, but as far as it was possible for a man to go." James Cook

Geographer, historical consultant and bestselling author Vanessa Collingridge searches for the man behind the legend as she traces his story in a series that is part biography, part travelogue and completely enthralling. A hero to some, a villain to others, this son of an English farm labourer described more of the globe than any other man in three incredible voyages. Discover the man and his times. Step back into the 18th century to experience what it was like to navigate uncharted and unknown waters in search of a legendary Great Southern Continent and then a Northwest Passage through the Arctic ice; as well as to be among the first Europeans to visit exotic Pacific islands like Tahiti.

Witness Cook's discovery of Hawaii. Sail the uncharted coast of New Zealand, proving it isn't part of the 'great south continent'. Land with Captain Cook at Botany Bay as he claims Australia for king and country, a 'discovery' that goes unquestioned for over a century. Meet the men of the Endeavour, Resolution, Adventure and Discovery, and learn what sea-life was like for the sailors and scientists who made it all possible, including the celebrated gentleman-botanist Joseph Banks and a young naval officer named William Bligh. It's a tale of obsession and discovery, respect and brutality, courage and madness, from the pomp and splendour of the royal courts of England to death on a beach on the far side of the world.

Running Time
213 mins
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