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Beyond Babel

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The unprecedented spread of the English language in the 20th century has for the first time in recorded history raised the possibility of a global language. With a quarter of the world now using English there is even speculation that there may, at some future point, be a universal language. Beyond Babel is the only television series to take an in depth look at the way in which English is being adopted and adapted around the world and how its tremendous rate of growth is driven by trade, culture, politics and technology. The series also explores the impact of this globalization on endangered languages and the relationship of English with its other major linguistic competitors.

The series was devised and produced by Michael Blythe at Infonation Media, a UK based independent television production company. Beyond Babel was filmed in USA, Japan, China, India, South Africa and Europe, with contributions from a wide range of international personalities. It has been broadcast in sixty two countries.

Running Time
202 mins
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